How To Do Photo Restoration Of Old Photos in 2024??

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Describe Remini Restore Old Photos ?

The most amazing and working feature of Remini MOD APK is restore the old and damaged photos in to new ones. This feature helps you to save your old memories and making them brand new picture. If You are from 90’s you can capture your pictures in film or analog camera which have the reel and you can get the pictures by developing the reels. So you can restore the reel photos in to mobile by capturing them and they convert your photos in to brand new forms.

How To Use Remini Old Photo Restoration?

For this purpose you have to follow some very easy steps which are described below and also see other editing tutorials to enhance your editing skill.

Step # 1→
  • Firstly, You have to download the remini app on your device.
  • Click on the download Button to download the latest version of Remini APK.
Step # 2→
  • Now click on the app and open it. It’s ready to use.
Remini home screen
  • Now look for the options that say “old photo restoration” available in your display.
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  • Tap on it to access the restoration feature.
Ai photo
  • Now select the old photo that holds special memories from your past that you want to restore from your phone gallery.
Slect photos
  • Now the AI Tool of remini mod apk will bring out its magic and enhance the photo to next level.
  • It will bring back its original a details and quality.
  • When restoration is complete you will be amazed by the final results.
  • Now you can save it on your device gallery or easily share your memories with your friends, family members etc.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )??

Can remini mod apk restore photos with colorization?

Yes, remini mod apk will work magically to your old photos and restore its old original colors back. You can easily create a vibrant look of your photo and enhance its quality and make it unique and versatile.

Can remini enhance the photo taken in black and white?

Yes, Remini can restore, It will edit your photo and enhance the overall quality of your image. Remini will add depth and sharpness to your photo. So you can enjoy the beauty of those vintage black and white photos.


In Remini MOD APK, You can easily restore your Old Photos with the latest feature of remeni app. You can also restore your damaged photos.

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