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Remini for pc

In this advanced era where everybody is fond of using new techniques and exploring the whole world by just a single click. They want to make their photos and memories evergreen and memorable. Editing of photos and videos is a basic need of everybody. Even it became a whole field of capturing and editing of photos and videos. Many people are getting fame and earning money through this editor. In my opinion i’ll surely recommend you remini mod apk. It is a whole pack of Photo & Video editors.

Each and everything under one tap. You can edit, restore, transform even add anything according to your needs. You must give it a try. Your experience will be wonderful and astonishing. You will be amazed by using it.

App NameRemini – AI Photo Enhancer
Latest Versionv3.7.387.202279766
Volume298 MB
ClassificationPhotography, Photo Editors, Video Editors
Application DeveloperBending Spoons
Downloads100 Million+
Last Updated : 25 April 2024

Describe Remini App For PC??

It is a fabulous app for PC users. It has a lot of benefits by which you can enjoy a large screen and better resolution of the Pc. On the other hand using a keyboard and mouse for editing gives you precise and efficient editing space. You can edit your photo and videos more better and quickly. It have a better experience for pc users rather than android users.

PCs with graphic cards will automatically speed up the process of editing. It will enhance your photos magically. Remini for pc users to have a more convenient and enhanced editing experience.

Describe Remini For PC (Emulator)??

You can use it on Pc by using android emulator which gains the experience and makes it much better. If you want to unlock all the features on PC, you can require a blue stack emulator. If you have this so you can download Remini MOD APK file and enjoy your premium editing features for free.

How To Download Remini For PC?

You can download Remini for Pc By doing these steps.

Download Remini For PC ( Emulator)

You can download Remini in emulator by clicking on the download button which is given below.

Run Remini in PC ( Online)

You can use Remini for Pc in online by clicking on use button of Remini which is given below.

Requirement Of PC

Your Pc should have minimum these requirements.

  • You can need a 64-bit Intel or AMD processor which is running Microsoft Windows 7,8, 10, 11, or 12.
  • And you also need at least 4 GB of RAM. To use emulators, the HDD needs to have 4GB of space. 6GB of storage is required to run a MOD APK.

Premium Features of Remini for PC

There are a lot of features of the Remini for PC which are explained below.

Video Enhancement

Pc user can easily enhance the video by using the remini mod apk to give a precise enhancement and improve the quality of video. The improvement tool raises the bar of editing to another level. You can easily remove, cut, add and crop your video as per your desire.

Video enhancement

Photo Enhancement

Remini AI photo enhancer edit the photo smoothly. It removes all kinds of dullness, blurriness, and any kind of unwanted object. The big screen of the Pc allows you to see minor details of photos and you can easily enhance it by using a mouse and keyboard. You can easily enlarge the image and fix the colors and backgrounds.

Photo enhancement

Face Enhancement

Remini mod apk enhances your face without distorting the natural look. The result is high quality and very realistic. It enhances your face to perfection.

Face Enhacement

Background Enhancement

Remini mod apk is best for background removal. You can remove unwanted places and objects and enhance your image at the very best. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners as well as for experts. Professionals use it for exploring their skills.

Background enhancement

Pros & Cons Remini Pc APP????


  • Editing on pc is quite better and easier because it provides a large screen so you can edit your photo with more details. You can easily remove any kind of imperfections.
  • PCs have high and powerful hardware as compared to mobile devices and also you can enhance your photos very efficiently.
  • It has a large benefit because of the mouse and key board. you can make minor adjustments very easily.
  • You can easily use any kind of editing app at the same time. You can work on multiple projects at the same time.


  • For pc users you require an android emulator so that it works seamlessly.
  • Remini is basically designed for touch controls. Maybe some of its functions do not work properly with the mouse and keyboard.
  • It needs a stable internet connection. Remini can’t be operated without the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )??

No, Remini doesn’t have a standalone version for PCs, but you can use the Remini app on PCs using emulators.

Yes, It is totally 100% safe and secure.


Remini on PC offers an immersive and efficient photo enhancement experience. Pc users definitely enjoy the benefits of remini for enhancing their photos. It provides a more convenient and enhanced editing experience. You can easily run the app by android emulator and here you go. In my opinion you must give it a try.