Remini MOD APK v3.8.4 (Premium Unlocked) Unlimited Pro-cards & No Ads 2024


Hey Everyone, I expect everyone is doing fine. Welcome to the World where photos and videos are transformed into emotions and moments which are frozen in past time. Nowadays Photography is not just a hobby it’s a passion which can capture your amazing and memorable life moments in the form of videos and pictures. Here, you are looking for one of the best Photo and Video editors which makes your moment unforgettable or also you can share your old and new videos after editing in different Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Twitter (X).

So here your searching is over, you have arrived at the right place as you can get the Remini MOD APK which you can restore your old photographs, adding artistic filters to your filters or also you can create your own Avatar and emoji.

They also have iOS and PC versions which you also can use on your apple or windows devices. Some people are adapting the older versions of the app and here we have older to newer versions which you can download and enhance your editing skills. We also can give you the detailed comparison between remini apk vs multiple other photo editors and help you to use the remini modded apk by giving you a tutorial of this app.

App NameRemini – AI Photo Enhancer
Latest Versionv3.8.4
Volume298 MB
ClassificationPhotography, Photo Editors, Video Editors
Application DeveloperBending Spoons
Downloads100 Million +
SubscriptionPremium and Pro Cards Unlocked
NecessityAndroid 5.0 or up
Rating4.6 ****
Last Updated : 25 April 2024

Describe Remini App??

Remini is a cool photo editing app. They have a lot of beneficial features which help you to generate an older blurry picture into a new and attractive photo. It helps you to create high definition photos with its effective tools and effects. It makes you old memorable photos into new ones and it gives new life to your pictures. Literally you will be amazed by using and creating and applying multiple effects and filters of this app.

In your old times if you take photos through dated cameras it will turn it out into absolutely new one and make them visually amazing and enhance its have a great a lot of great features by which you can add music, colors, effects to your photos and make their slides. Here you go, you make a slideshow of your images and can  easily share it with you family friends and social media accounts like facebook or Instagram etc.

The AI technology of the Remeni MOD APK makes it more familiar and easy to use. You can easily turn your photos and customize as per your needs through this incredible feature. This app is super user friendly. This is such a great app and it gives life to your old memories. You can easily make avatars and cartoons of your pictures.

Describe Remini MOD APK??

Remini mod apk is a modified version of AI photo enhancing app. The MOD APK has advanced and latest features which are totally for free and that are not free in simple app. The modified version gives you a chance to enhance your photo and explore much more about it. The modified version has exclusive features which gives your outdated blur images a new look.

You can easily coloured your old black and white photos into new ones. It is a great photography app which gives your photo a more high definition and more precise look. It makes your picture look more natural than an artificial outlook and it also helps you to improve the quality of the photo. The premium tools, portrait mod helps you to improve the quality of blurry images. The MOD APK gives a picture HD finished and polished look. The MOD APK version has new and beneficial features which are more authentic and easy to use then the original one.

What’s New In Remini MOD APK??

Remini has a lot of updates in its latest versions. It has become more advanced and easy to use. Moreover, beginners also can benefit from using it. The AI technology is the most advanced technology of Remini and it is a very useful tool by which you can easily customize your desired picture. You can turn your old photos into new ones and even restore them very easily.

It is a very cool and useful app by which you can enjoy editing and make your photo highly defined. The mod version is totally ADs free which makes it more charming. Remini mod apk helps you to improve the quality of the picture, remove the blurriness and helps you to remove the watermark from photos.

Distinctive Features:

They have a lot of key features which make it more easy to use and help you to enhance your photos more precisely. Some of them are described below.

Picture Refinement

Remini MOD APK is the best app for enhancement of old photos. They give you a refreshing life to your old blurred photos. It improves their quality with the help of filters and effects and it also enhances your facial features and details and gives it a more natural look.

Photos Enrichment

Old Photo Restoration

Remini MOD APK helps you to turn out your old, faded and damaged photo into a new one as per your desire. It makes your picture more vibrant and clearer than before and it makes it easy to identify the person who is in your photos.

Restore old photos

Artistic Filters Easily Accessible

Artistic feature of remini mod apk helps you to create more attractive and wonderful images by using it and it will turn your old photos into a masterpiece within  just a few taps and here you go and your photo is turned into an artistic piece.

Artistic filters

Free From Ads

Remini Mod apk provides you an add free experience you can enjoy your editing without any interruption and it is quietly time saving and makes you more focused toward your work. This will ensure efficiency and minimize the disturbance by providing a seamless experience.

No Ads

Unlimited Pro Cards

Pro cards are the type of cash used for the purchasing of specific filters and effects. While using a paid app you will buy the cards by using real money. With the help of these credits you can purchase various kinds of useful filters which help you to enhance your images easily and make them visually attractive but it is totally free in the modded version.

Unlimited pro cards in remini mod apk

Restore Blurry Images

Sometimes we can’t identify the person in our pictures due to blur effects which are clicked from the outdated cameras but the remini mod apk makes it easier. It just creates a magic by which you can easily identify that person in your old memorable photos.

Recover blurry images

Object Removal

Remini mod apk has an advanced and useful feature with the help of that you can easily fix and replace unwanted things, places or objects from your image by which you can refine the edges and adjust the image quality.

object removal

Color Tuning

Mod apk works its magic and brings out the best colors in your pictures. It makes your colorless and faded pictures more vibrant and attractive. If your photos have incorrect white balance remini will turn into life. You make the black and white photos into an amazing piece of art by adding colors in it as per your desire.

Color refinement

Retro Effect

Retro effect of Remini will give your image a vintage vibe with some touch of nostalgia. It will turn out your picture into a throwback masterpiece. It is a fun way to create a more aesthetic and professional look.

Retro effect

Premium Unlocked For Remini MOD APK

The premium features of remini mod apk include enhancement, portrait,oil paints , mega bleach, and AI filters are fully unlocked. You can give your images quality based good views which will not disturbed its natural outlook.

premium unlocked in remini mod apk

Upscaling low-resolution image

It is absolutely an amazing feature for giving a high HD finish to your low resolution images. It makes your photo more defined and beautiful or also it will give you very natural and realistic results.

Easy To Use Interface

This app is very user friendly because it has a clean interface which makes it simple to navigate and use. Even beginners can get benefited through it by just uploading their photo and upgrading it with in just a few taps.

Cloud Based Processing

Remini used a cloud based processing to enhance your photos and restore them. It means that the app sends your photos to their server where powerful AI algorithms analyze and enhance the images. Then these processed photos are sent back to your device.

Share And Retain Upgraded Memories

You can easily share your artistic work or edited photos within your family circle or social media accounts or via messages and it can be easily saved into your device storage.

Unlock More With Subscription

Remini mod apk unlocked will give you a chance to explore the add free version and advanced option to use which will make your photo more authentic.

Privacy And Security

It has astonishing privacy, security practices and terms of services with regard to your personal data. It will always keep in mind that the third party will not intrude on your personal data.

No Watermark

Remini Mod apk will give you an experience to enjoy editing without watermarks. You can create your images without watermark which will be quite attractive and feel no offense. So that user can enhance and download the photo without it.

Elevate Tour Photo Portrait Mod

Remini Mod APK helps you to enhance and beautify your image by smoothing skin tones, reducing blemishes, and enhancing the facial details. With a few touch ups it will turn your photo into a portrait look even more stunning.

Super Click Processing

This feature in remini mod apk is designed to enhance the sharpness and details of facial features of your image and it helps you to create a more defined and clear picture.

Preview Change

Preview change feature of remini mod apk will allow you to do any kind of changes in your image before applying them.

ScreenShots Of Remini MOD APK

Remini Artificial intelligence ( AI )

In the modern era, AI is a major source of doing a lot of work and it also helps you in editing the pictures and videos. They convert the old photos into new looks by doing one click. They actually focus on creating extra easy and modern things by using its artificial intelligence technology. Remini is a very wonderful app which uses AI technology. It increases the quality of low resolution and old photos and gives a unique and versatile look. AI sharp the blurry areas and enhance the dull colors and make it more enhanced by adding its detailing techniques in it.

They can enhance your pictures by using its smart features and making them more clearer and brighter. You can turn your old memories into a new look by giving them a sharper and more vibrant outlook. They work on a detailed pattern of your old and low – quality images. They can use its advanced algorithms to understand the images and apply the various enhancement techniques  to improve the overall quality of image. They will enhance your beautiful photo and bring much more delightable results.

Major Features of AI

Some major and useable features of the Remini mod apk AI are defined below which makes you clear the power of artificial intelligence in this World.

AI Sketches

The AI of Remini can transform your photos into hand made like beautiful sketches. It is a fun way to make your photos artistic and creative with just a tap and it can sketch any kind of photo whether it is a landscape, portrait etc.

AI sketches

Auto Cropping

It’s very easy for AI REMINI mod apk to auto crop and remove the unwanted object through videos and images. Its smart algorithms analyze the content and identify the main area which used to be edited or make it more enhanced or remove it to make sure that focus should remain on the main part of the image.

Auto cropping

AI Avatars

You can easily generate your avatars through AI OF REMINI, You can turn yourself into any famous model or celebrity etc.

AI Avatar

AI Pregnant Filters

It is a very fun app where you can turn any kind of image into a pregnant outlook. Its pregnant filters are very creative and amazing. You can easily fool your friends by using its filter.

AI Pregnency filters

AI Wedding Filters

Remini has amazing wedding filters that you can easily try out. These filters can give your images a festive celebrity can enjoy it by tap on single click and here you go.

AI Wedding filters

AI Birthday Filters

Remini has a lot of fantastic birthday filters. You can add colorful balloons, confetti, and festive elements to your images and it makes them perfect for capturing the joy of birthdays.

AI Birthday filters

How To Download & Install The Remini MOD APK????

Downloading and installing the Remini Mod apk is very easy, you can download it by doing some clicks.

Note: If You Have Already Install The Reminii App So Firstly Delete It And Then Install It

Step # 1→
  • You can download the latest version of Remini Mod apk by clicking on the download button. The downloading will start and they take a few seconds to download it.
Step # 2→
  • After downloading, There is an option to install it. Click on that button and they will go to the android section. In there you can allow the Unknown sources. After this back towards the downloaded file of remini mod apk and then again click on it.
Download source
Step # 3→
  • After clicking the system will install the app, The icon of the remini mod apk is appear in your home screen.
Download and install remeni mod apk

Note: You Will Have Android 5.0 Or Above To Download It

Pros & Cons Remini MOD APK????


  • Remini is very easy to use for both beginners and experts. It has no hard and fast rules. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it more unique.
  • You can smoothly do your work with any disturbance of ads or any bugs and it saves your a lot of time and makes you feel relaxed.
  • You can easily edit and post your images without its watermark which makes the outlook of your photo more attractive and adorable.
  • It’s a very cool app that uses its AI technology to enhance and restore your old and low quality images.
  • It can make your old pictures look super clear and more vibrant. It also enhances the quality of your low and out dated photos or your videos.


  • Sometimes it does not produce the perfect results when its dealing with heavily damaged or extremely low quality photos or videos.
  • It requires an internet connection to function properly, if you are in an area with poor internet access you may not be able to use it effectively.
  • It consumes a significant amount of battery and processing work on your device.
  • It consumes a significant amount of battery and processing work on your device.
  • It offers some features as in-app purchases so you may need to pay for certain enhancements or features and also they provides less control to users.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )??

Yes, You can download the Remini MOD APK by clicking on the my website.

Remini is a safe photo and video enhancer but it doesn’t guarantee 100% safety of information shared on the web.

Your images won’t be seen or accessed by anybody unless you explicitly give us your consent to use them, according to our Privacy Policy.

Yes, It is 100% safe and secure.

Bending Spoons, the company that owns Remini.

You can download Remini APK by clicking on my website and enjoy your editing.

Improve video quality and size. Amplify the quality and size of your videos by up to 2x. Say goodbye to blurry, old, or low-quality footage. AI can reconstruct and enhance every detail. Witness the transformation as your videos come to life with remarkable clarity and vibrant visuals.

Remini simple app is paid when you download it from playstore. and if you download our MOD APk, it is totally free.

Reviews About Remini App

reviews about remini
reviews about remini
reviews about remini

Pricing Model For Remini App?

In USD Dollors, $9.99 per week for Remini Pro Weekly, $4.99 per week for Remini Lite Weekly, $4.99 per month for a 1 Month Subscription.

In Indian Rupees, 832.01 INR per week for Remini Pro Weekly, 415.59 INR per week for Remini Lite Weekly, 415.59 INR per month for a 1 Month Subscription.

In Pakistan Rupees, 2782.71 PKR per week for Remini Pro Weekly, 1389.96 PKR per week for Remini Lite Weekly, 1389.96 PKR per month for a 1 Month Subscription.


In my opinion remini mod apk is the best app for editing and giving your photos an amazing and fresh look. It can make your photos look more elegant and mind blowing. They give true life to colorless and outdated photos by increasing their pixels with help of movie grade technology and it is so much easier to use because of its user-friendly interface.