Remini Mod APK Vs Canva Mod APK

canva mod apk
App NameCanva Pro
App Versionv 2.264.0
Size18.81 MB
Android requirementAndroid 6.0 or up
SubscriptionPremium Unlocked
Last updated : 28 May 2024

Describe Canva MOD APK?

Canva mod APK is a versatile and unique invention in the era of the advanced century by using this app. You can easily can graphic design at home by using your hand devices like iOS and Android. By using this using you can create an amazing piece of content by adding posts of unique styles, flyers and even you can make presentations through this app. You can unleash your creativity.

It has tons of templates. You can easily customize your photo by adding filters and different kinds of effects. You can also write different kinds of quotes and stylish text fonts to enhance its visuals. You can upload your own customized photo or any content on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and much more and can earn through it. Even if you are not a design pro you can easily build professional looking graphics through it.

Distinctive Features Of Canva MOD APK

Some of its important key features are listed below.


Canva mod apk has a huge variety of templates you can easily customize your photo and by adding different and effective kinds of templates on it which make them more attractive like it brings life into them.

Canva templates

No Watermark & No Adds

Its mod apk can create photos and videos even of your projects without any kind of disturbance of ads and without its watermark logo.

no ads

Premium Unlocked

By its premium unlocked feature you can explore the vast variety of filters, effects, and much more. By using it you can create astonishing content.

premium unlocked

Magic Resize

Canva mod apk has an amazing feature of resizing your images by which you can easily cut, crop and resize your photo, video or even your projects.

magic resize

Brand Logo Building

At a professional level canva mod apk helps beginners and as well as experts to create their own brand logo. You can even create different kinds of flyers and visiting cards through it.

brand logo

Background Replacement

It is the one of the best and my favorite features of canva mod apk by which you can easily remove the unwanted background through your videos and images and can replace it by adding your loved one without disturbing its natural out look.

change background

How To Download & Install The Canva MOD APK????

Downloading and installing the Canva MOD APK is very easy, you can download it by doing some clicks.

Note: If You Have Already Install The Canva App So Firstly Delete It And Then Install the modded version.

Step # 1→
  • You can download the latest version of Canva Mod by clicking on the download button. The downloading will start and they take a few seconds to download it.
Step # 2→
  • After downloading, There is an option to install it. Click on that button and they will go to the android section. In there you can allow the Unknown sources. After this back towards the downloaded file of Canva mod and then again click on it.
canva download
Allow unknown sources
canva install
Step # 3→
  • After clicking the system will install the app, The icon of the Canva app is appear in your home screen.
canva installing
IMG 20240401 WA0010
canva app

ScreenShots Of Canva MOD APK

Download Canva App In iOS

You can download Canva for iOS By doing these steps.

Step # 1→
  • Firstly, Open the Apple App store.
Apple store home page
Step # 2→
  • Click on the search bar and search “Canva“.
search ios store
canva ios store
canva ios store
Step # 3→
  • Click on the Canva App and download it.
canva ios store
canva ios store

Note: If You Don’t want to perform these steps. Simply click on the download button which is given below.

Download Canva In Pc

You can download Canva by doing these methods.

Step # 1→
  • Firstly, open the Microsoft store.
microsoft store
Step # 2→
  • Then search, “Canva” on search bar.
canva microsoft store
Step # 3→
  • So on top, You can see Canva, click on the download button and install it.
canva microsoft store

Note: If You don’t to perform these steps. Simply, Click on the download button.

Comparison Among Remini Pro Vs PicsArt MOD APK

Here you are looking for the comparison between Remini mod apk and Canva Pro apk which is listed below.


  • Remini app is majority focused on restoration of photos and enhancing them at a next level. Its AI technology beautifies your images and repairs damaged old photos.
  • They have a lot of key features like remix chat, magic effect, cutout tool, clip art library, which allows you to unleash your creativity and create stunning edits.
  • Its user-friendly interface and intuitive, easy to navigate ,making it accessible for both beginners and more experienced users. You can enhance your photos with just a few taps.   
  • Remini mod apk has a strong user community where people share their old restored photos and unleash the mind blowing creativity and you also can share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter(X) etc.
  • It is available for both iOS and android devices, You can also download it in Pc. So you can easily access it on your smartphone and your web browsers.
  • Remini pro weekly price is 9.99 $ and remini lite is 4.99 $.
  • Remini pro weekly in Indian currency cost 829.89 INR and remini lite is 414.52 INR.
  • Remini pro weekly Pakistani currency cost 2,793.20PKR and remini lite cost 1,395.20 PKR.


  • Canva mod apk is a wonderful app for creating brochures and stunning designs. You can easily create visiting cards, social media posts, invitations, logos and many more.
  • Canva mod APK has a lot of key features. It has eye-catching templates you can customize. You can add quotes by using its stylish fonts and texts. It gives a professional look to your images.
  • It is super user friendly. It’s designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. It is a handy tool for making eye-catching designs.
  • Canva mod apk has a vast community engagement you can connect with like minded people through it. You can easily share your information and experience through it and get links as well as fame.
  • You can easily enjoy it on your phones androids as well as the pc. The web version gives you access to a lot of tools and features.
  • Canva pro monthly subscription cost is 13$ per month and annually is 119.9$.
  • In Pakistan Rupees its monthly subscription is 6430 PKR and annually is 33272 PKR.
  • In Indian Rupees its monthly subscription is 1078 INR and annually is 9872 INR.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )??

Yes, The mod apk is free to use, but when you download it from playstore it is not free.

You can create professional designing, logos, brouchers, flex and many more other things.

Yes, Canva interface is very friendly. you can do multiple projects on it.


In my opinion both apps have their own place. Both work great, C anava mod apk helps you in the field of business and in your professional life. T he collaborative features of canva mod apk make it unique from others. Remini have its own place it helps you in beautifying your images and videos. It is specifically designed for restoring your old images and improves the quality and video clarity.

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